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  • Thank you for your interest in booking Dorset Ceilidh. In order to draw up a contract we need the following information. We can change the details later, so just put approximate details if not yet sure. Thanks.
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  • Your Details

  • We like to conduct most of our business via email. This is because we can have a clear record of the dialogue. Remember we are talking to several clients at any one time!
  • We usually only contact you via telephone if information is needed immediately.
  • Event Details

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    Please enter the proposed date of the event at which you wish Dorset Ceilidh to perform.
  • Just to double check the date is correct!
  • Timings

    These can be approximate as it is fairly common for timings to deviate on the day. We will always try and accommodate changes to the schedule, although we do like to keep to the proposed overall start and finish times.
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  • You can plug any iPod, MP3 player, Laptop into our system to play music of your choosing during the break.
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  • Please enter the address of your event venue so that we can determine travel expenses. Don't worry if you don't know yet, just enter the nearest town.
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    At least 1 hour before start time

    We also require approximately 30 mins to load out at the end of the evening.
  • Requirements

  • For example in order to proceed with the ceilidh immediately following the wedding breakfast in the same room.
  • Please tick all the options you are interested in.
  • We can play acoustic duets of traditional Scottish and Irish airs on violin or flute and guitar as you walk down the aisle or during photographs afterwards. £175
  • After the ceilidh is over people often want to keep the party going with a disco. The straight forward solution is to use our superb sound equipment and lighting rig, just plug in your own iPod with your favourite tracks and keep the party going.

    Our band members will pack their instruments away and leave and our sound engineer will stay and pack down everything at the end, so he'll be on site to make sure it all works as it should. and sounds great! Just £150 extra
  • Your quoted price will include travel to within 2 'Van Hours' of Dorset.


    A 'Van Hour' is a bit like a 'Light Year' although not as far!

    It does, however, vary with the terrain. So on the motorway we can reach the M25, however we'd cover less distance heading off into Devon!

  • Nominees

  • We don’t like to bother you on your wedding day so suggest you delegate someone to meet us and that we can go to if we require help with something, Eg. the power doesn’t work, etc.
  • We do not require a deposit in advance, however one way we keep the best musicians working with us is by paying them promptly. This is on the day of the performance in all but exceptional cirumstances.
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